We present a quantum technology paper at the ICICT Congress in London

Tecnalia and ERHARDT Serikat, within the framework of the 9th International Congress on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT 2024) held in London, have presented the paper “A Quantum Computing-based System for Portfolio Optimization using Future Asset Values and Automatic Reduction of the Investment Universe”.

The study presented today addresses the challenge of optimizing investment portfolios, which involves appropriately distributing a budget among a set of investment funds to maximize the relationship between expected benefit and risk.

In response to this challenge, various techniques have been explored, highlighting the growing interest in quantum computing applications. The paper introduces a system called Q4FuturePOP (Quantum Computing-based Portfolio Optimization System), which addresses this problem with significant innovations such as:

1. Uses future asset predictions instead of historical data, which is a significant improvement in the decision-making process.

2. It incorporates an automatic reduction module of the investment universe, designed to intelligently simplify the complexity of the problem.

It is important to highlight that the future values used are generated from expected returns by expert fund managers; in this case we have collaborated closely with the professionals of the WELZIA management company. Furthermore, these future values maintain the covariance between assets, which is derived from historical data and plays a crucial role in investment risk management.

The presentation of this paper at the prestigious ICICT 2024 conference underlines the relevance and impact of research in the field of portfolio optimization, demonstrating how the application of advanced technologies and innovative approaches can transform the management of contemporary financial challenges.

The main objective of this international conference is to provide an adequate space for researchers, academics, industry professionals to have a meeting point, interact and share ideas, experiences and knowledge about the latest trends and strategies in the field of Information Technologies. Information and Communication.

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