The GAIA Cluster celebrates its 40th anniversary

Serikat is part of GAIA, the Basque Country Knowledge and Technology Industries Cluster, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

It was born in 1983 as a sectoral association reacting to an emerging technology: “microelectronics”. Today GAIA brings together 315 companies and 23,600 professionals who, through collaboration, offer globally competitive solutions, based on proprietary Knowledge and Technology, in the fields of Consulting, Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Gamification.

GAIA is the result of 40 years working around technologies and knowledge to structure a sector “that is a reference in the European economy. The work, tenacity, collaborative innovation and, above all, the permanent commitment of thousands of professionals, have made the GAIA sector one of the main pillars of the Basque economy”.

On June 1, an event was held at the Euskalduna Palace that brought together more than 300 guests. The Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, Arantxa Tapia, concluded by marking a shared challenge: “let us make the Basque Country an example, a benchmark for Digital Transformation, from where we value the responsible and sovereign use of technologies , complying with the SDGs and with the growth of well-being throughout society. Let’s ensure that many things that are being questioned today (AI, quantum, the transitions themselves) have a strong, pragmatic and competitive response from the Basque Country, and let’s grow all these ecosystems in our Country together”.

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