The “boom” of artificial intelligence at DES 2023 in Malaga.

“Everything we know about the future is going to change”

This week she Serikat has participated in the DES-Digital Enterprise Show, in Malaga. The largest European summit on exponential technologies. The event has revolved around Artificial Intelligence in business and during three intense days we have shared with colleagues and clients the opportunities that come with exponential technologies and the urgency of adopting them in order not to lose competitiveness.

The DES 2023 has analyzed, as a central theme, the potential of Artificial Intelligence in business and how it is transforming employment, work processes and decision-making in companies, including the ethical and regulatory review that is coming in the next years.

The largest European summit on exponential technologies has brought together more than 500 experts, 400 exhibitors and 16,000 visitors, who have been able to learn about the future of exponential technologies such as AI, digital twins, Blockchain, cybersecurity, multicloud, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or clean tech, among others.

Serikat traveled the team from its innovation LAB to Malaga to learn first-hand about the challenges we face and to take advantage of the opportunity to share with colleagues and clients the opportunities that exponential technologies open up and the urgent need to adopt them so as not to lose competitiveness.

In addition to the Artificial Intelligence boom, we were able to verify the impact of exponential technologies on the acceleration and globalization of innovation. Today Spanish companies have the ability to move at the same speed as any other, anywhere in the world. An example of this is the use of the Cloud, which is allowing small startups to transform industrial sectors with limited facilities and capital.

Events like the DES – Digital Enterprise Show reaffirm us in the lines of work undertaken at Serikat. We are experiencing a great technological change, with ChatGPT being its most visible example, and at Serikat we are already applying AI in sectors such as finance, sports, public administration, mobility,…

Perhaps the best summary of the DES is the phrase of Shelly Palmer, one of the keynote speakers invited to the event: “Everything we know about the future is going to change.”

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