SERIKAT obtains the EFR certification, as a family-responsible company

SERIKAT obtains the EFR certification, as a family-responsible company, reflecting our commitment to conciliation and the continuous search for balance between the personal and professional lives of the people who work here.

Throughout our history we have worked for the well-being of all SERIKAT people, implementing measures that contribute to increasing well-being and the balance of personal, family and work life.

In March of last year, we wanted to go one step further and gather all our efforts into a certifiable model that would allow us to highlight the practices that we already have in place and continue to improve.

This April, we have successfully passed the final phase of the external audit to obtain this certification. In addition to the efr team, 22 people randomly selected by the auditing company have collaborated to be able to see first-hand the level of satisfaction and knowledge of the reconciliation measures that we already have in place.

Improving through the management of the Reconciliation between Work and Personal Life.

The efr Certificate, or Reconciliation Management Model, promoted by the Másfamilia Foundation, and endorsed by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, recognizes those organizations that are involved in generating a new work culture, implementing a management model that allows a balance between work and personal, based on flexibility, respect and mutual commitment.

The efr Certification of Fundación Másfamilia has been recognized by the United Nations and by the Interreg Europe program as “Good practice” for promoting conciliation management policies within companies, considering the needs of employees and offering entities a series of guidelines to be more aware of the work environment that they provide to their collaborators.

Responsibility and commitment that unite

The certifying entity has conveyed to us the high level of satisfaction generated by teleworking and flexible hours, as well as the improvements that we are continually incorporating. From here we thank all of you who have collaborated, it is great news that unites us and requires responsibility and commitment.

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