We mentor our customers on the digital transformation


When ideas, personal abilities and technologies converge, the world changes and organisation need to re-imagine their role.

The digital transformation is nothing new, but recent events have turned it into a pressing matter. Agility, new ideas and determination are needed to embark on that journey. At Serikat, we have the knowledge, experience and the ecosystem to help you reimagine your business.

Are you as ready as your customers?

At a time of rising customer expectations, technological disruption and volatile regulations, the traditional limits of industry are blurred: Process automation, data analytics, AI, blockchain, virtual reality and other emergency technologies are speeding up a convergence movement in industrial, technological and socials spheres that opens up new opportunities for those willing to undertake the journey.

What we do

We integrate technology in the real world

Organisations can use suitable data to improve their services and make the world a better place.


Living the problem

The problems are nearly always where users and customers are and usually the solutions as well. At Serikat, we partner with our customers, combining experience and expertise to develop innovative solutions that provide solutions for real problems.


Data are a living being

The new environment requires visibility and predictability in all business processes. Data are living and Serikat combines active ones in digital platforms that help us to see the future in real time, to plan and to take better and quicker decisions.



We come up, evolve and implement new digital processes, products and services based on the appropriate technologies in each case. We integrate services and solutions that respond to current needs and future challenges.

Sectors in which we are working


Building a better world for citizens

The public sector, always immersed in important challenges, acts as driving force for society and economy. Serikat provides support in the adoption of digital technology to streamline the administration’s processes, ensure a better outcome for citizens and facilitate the use of public services: e-administration, data analysis, mobility, tax management, e-office, etc.


The necessary convergence of people and technology

We develop innovative responses for the legal sector, from the judiciary to law firms and corporate legal departments. We have unrivalled experience, with artificial intelligence solutions that streamline operations in the fields of data extraction, anonymisation and classification.


Energy and utilities

We like to work in a sector immersed in challenges, such as the new energy sources, regulatory changes and new technologies. We are working with our customers to digitalise processes, extracting, anonymising and managing data, and giving impetus to a sector that is so closely linked to economic growth and social development.


We integrate the digital supply chain in a world in motion.

A rapidly changing sector requires a high level of knowledge. Serikat is part of Erhardt, a business ecosystem where logistics has been one of its main activities for over a hundred years. We have extensive experience in the development of digital services and solutions for a sector that is underdoing profound disruption.


The power of data to provide customised health solutions.

Digitalisation has greatly impacted a rapidly evolving and complex sector. Our knowledge of the private and public health segments, as well of the insurer, allows us to provide innovative solutions to improve the health service level, manage the control of medicines and reduce cost in a sector subject to an extraordinary pressure.


Digitalising to achieve new levels of performance and innovation

We work with companies from different industrial sectors and address the many different causes of the technological challenges that they are facing. We work with our customers to develop tailored solutions for their businesses: digitalisation of services, process automation, data analytics for advanced industry, …

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