Headliners at the Data Management Summit

The DMS-Data Management Summit is taking place! This event is designed to guide the Data Management community in the technological landscape, serving as an open forum to share experiences and use cases. ERHARDT Serikat is present at this edition, which is being held this year in Bilbao.

The DMS-Data Management Summit has a markedly technical profile and is a fundamental meeting for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, BI Managers, Data Governance Officers, and Data Scientists who implement emerging technologies to address new technological challenges.

ERHARDT Serikat is participating in the event with members from its Consulting and Data teams. Additionally, tomorrow, Friday, Antón Asla will be one of the event’s key speakers, dedicating his presentation to exploring the future of data management in the era of quantum computing.

From his panel, Antón Asla will discuss how business problems are being solved with disruptive technologies such as AI and quantum computing. He will present advances in the application of quantum technology in the logistics sector and how it can help solve combinatorial optimization problems that arise in this sector.

As Antón comments, “Data has been gaining increasing prominence thanks to the emergence of advanced analytics and machine learning. Combinatorial optimization projects are not machine learning projects; they do not learn from data. Even so, in the optimization projects we tackle within the realm of quantum computing, data plays a fundamental role.”

The quality and relevance of the input data are crucial to obtain excellent results. On the other hand, historical data plays an important role. “Somehow we need to compare the solutions offered by quantum algorithms with the solutions that were taken at a given time for a given problem,” says Antón. This quality historical data allows us to evaluate the effectiveness and improvement that quantum computing brings compared to classical approaches and even human decisions.

The goal of Antón’s presentation is to disseminate an emerging technology, such as quantum computing, which promises to solve problems that have been unsolvable until now.

Good luck tomorrow, Antón!

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