ERHARDT Serikat  presents advances in Logistics using Quantum Computing at UCL.

ERHARDT Serikat and Tecnalia presented their paper at the Institute of Quantum Science and Technology today, discussing how quantum computing can aid logistics, specifically in bin packing and package delivery routing problems.

The presentation covered two systems: one for organizing packages in limited spaces (such as trucks and containers) and another for planning efficient delivery routes. These systems combine quantum and classical computing and were designed with the help of the logistics company ERHARDT Ertransit.

The first system ensures optimal package organization, considering constraints like weight and order preferences. The second system focuses on planning delivery routes, taking into account different types of vehicles and priority demands.

Both systems use advanced technology from D-Wave, and visual demonstrations were presented to show their practical utility.

The UCL Institute of Quantum Science and Technology (UCLQ) brings together the quantum science community and supports collaborative research. It provides a platform for the public, users, and policymakers. The institute promotes engagement with quantum science and technology, both for the public and end-users, including a variety of public events, a network of government and industry stakeholders, and research on responsible innovation policies.

Applications leveraging the non-classical characteristics of quantum mechanics to perform tasks difficult or impossible with conventional technologies are now moving beyond the lab to industrial development. Some, like quantum cryptography and communication, have already reached the market, while others, like quantum computing, remain significant technological challenges. However, all have the potential to generate revolutionary advances compared to their classical counterparts.

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