ERHARDT Serikat guarantees the evolution in the management of Municipal Housing in Bilbao

In a context where digital transformation is essential for progress, ERHARDT Serikat will promote the modernization of the management of Municipal Housing in Bilbao. Winner of the Bilbao City Council tender, this project incorporates open source technology and a focus on improving the relationship between the administration and citizens.

In the current era, digital transformation has become a fundamental pillar for the progress of society. In this context, Public Administrations have embarked on an ambitious path towards modernization, using technology to effectively approach citizens. This process not only involves the adoption of new technologies, but also a cultural and organizational change that seeks to improve the quality of public services.

ERHARDT Serikat has won the tender that the Bilbao City Council put out to tender for the development and maintenance of the “GEXFLOW” Platform for electronic administration of Municipal Housing.

The project involves the integration of advanced technologies to optimize internal management processes, improve efficiency and offer more agile and accessible services to citizens via the web. This approach not only streamlines the City Council’s own bureaucratic procedures, but also seeks to establish more direct and transparent communication between the administration and citizens.

The public management of the Municipal Housing of the Bilbao City Council with its associates and citizens is completely online since they implemented GEXFLOW, an open source-based platform, which will now be maintained and developed by Serikat for the next four years.

ERHARDT Serikat approaches the project as a service level agreement, encompassing its work from the updating and development of the already existing technological infrastructure, to the support of personnel, thus guaranteeing the evolution towards the digital era in the management of municipal housing.

The collaboration of the City Council with a company like ours, specialized in digital transformation, allows us to take advantage of its experience and advanced knowledge, ensuring the successful implementation of this type of solutions in public administration. The comprehensive management of these projects guarantees that all phases, from planning to execution, are carried out efficiently and in line with the objectives of modernization and citizen outreach.

The adoption of open source in the technological infrastructures of Public Administrations has turned out to be a significant step. The use of open source software promotes transparency and collaboration. By sharing and collaborating in the development of technological solutions, innovation is encouraged and a solid foundation is built to face future challenges.

The flexibility and adaptability of open source allows ERHARDT Serikat to address a project initiated by third parties and customize solutions, such as, in this case, for the Bilbao City Council, according to its specific needs and guaranteeing efficient use of resources.

The platform integrates with @firma, Archive, Cl@ve, Apoder@, Habilit@, Notific@, SIR… It uses Free Software under the GPL3 license and is prepared to integrate with third-party applications.

The new forms of relationship with the citizen have highlighted moving from simply “doing” digital, where technologies are used without changing established work models, to “being” digital, a true digital transformation, which involves the improvement of processes and the incorporation of new skills in the staff.

In this new project ERHARDT Serikat will play a fundamental role by providing its technological knowledge and experience in optimizing public management processes.

The focus will be focused on the application of technology for the construction of new experiences and greater fluidity in the relationship between citizens and administration, as far as the management of Municipal Housing in Bilbao is concerned.

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