AESA awards ERHARDT Serikat a contract for its digital transformation.


The State Agency for Air Safety (AESA) has awarded ERHARDT Serikat a contract with a two-year execution period, as part of its digital transformation plan. ERHARDT Serikat will be responsible for the development and maintenance of AESA’s vertical information and communication systems for citizens. These systems include applications that serve AESA’s vertical business, as well … Read more

Headliners at the Data Management Summit

Computación Cuántica: data IA

The DMS-Data Management Summit is taking place! This event is designed to guide the Data Management community in the technological landscape, serving as an open forum to share experiences and use cases. ERHARDT Serikat is present at this edition, which is being held this year in Bilbao. The DMS-Data Management Summit has a markedly technical … Read more

Port logistics: Artificial Intelligence at the helm

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in seaports will generate significant changes in terms of operation and will significantly improve both efficiency and competitiveness throughout the logistics chain. AI will be a key factor in a sector that requires quick and accurate decisions, ranging from the optimization of processes in container terminals to the prediction … Read more

ERHARDT Serikat and Tecnalia are presenting their groundbreaking solution to the “bin packing problem” in the logistics sector at the “Quantum Matter International Conference”.


ERHARDT Serikat at the “Quantum Matter International Conference”. ERHARDT Serikat and Tecnalia are presenting their groundbreaking solution to the bin packing problem in the logistics sector at the Quantum Matter International Conference, currently underway in San Sebastián. The project aims to minimize the number of shipping containers needed to transport N items of varying dimensions … Read more

ICEBERG: final workshop

building recycling

The ICEBERG project, in which ERHARDT Serikat participates and 35 public and private organizations from ten European countries, reached its final milestone with the workshop held on April 19 in Ghent, Belgium. The final workshop was attended by all partners, third parties interested in the project and had an online version for those who could … Read more

We present a quantum technology paper at the ICICT Congress in London

A Quantum Computing-based System

Tecnalia and ERHARDT Serikat, within the framework of the 9th International Congress on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT 2024) held in London, have presented the paper “A Quantum Computing-based System for Portfolio Optimization using Future Asset Values and Automatic Reduction of the Investment Universe”. The study presented today addresses the challenge of optimizing investment portfolios, … Read more

ERHARDT Serikat guarantees the evolution in the management of Municipal Housing in Bilbao

Viviendas Ayuntamiento de Bilbao - ERHARDT Serikat

In a context where digital transformation is essential for progress, ERHARDT Serikat will promote the modernization of the management of Municipal Housing in Bilbao. Winner of the Bilbao City Council tender, this project incorporates open source technology and a focus on improving the relationship between the administration and citizens. In the current era, digital transformation … Read more

EMAKUNDE recognizes ERHARDT Serikat for its commitment to equality


EMAKUNDE, the Basque Women’s Institute, has given ERHARDT Serikat the seal of recognition to the company for its commitment to equality. Last Friday, the Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies, Nerea Melgosa, and the director of EMAKUNDE, Miren Elgarresta, presented the distinctions to 20 Collaborating Entities in the Equality of Women and Men during … Read more

SERIKAT is committed to teleworking and work flexibility

Chárter del Teletrabajo y la Flexibilidad. Fundación Másfamilia.

Yesterday, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Madrid hosted the signing ceremony of the “Teleworking and Flexibility Charter”, promoted by the Másfamilia Foundation. A commitment that professional organizations sign on a voluntary basis, regardless of their size and activity, to promote a culture of flexibility and teleworking and support for the reconciliation of personal, family and … Read more

ICEBERG Project.- The Spanish Demolition Association has awarded the Work on the “Efficient recovery of material resources contained in construction and demolition waste based on advanced hyperspectral vision techniques”


ICEBERG Project.– The Spanish Demolition Association has awarded the Master’s Thesis on HSI technologies for the classification of CDW; The thesis was developed between GAIKER and the University of the Basque Country. The researcher at the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV / EHU), Raquel Arias Pérez, worked on her project at Gaiker … Read more

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