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September 2023

With AuraQuantic we can automate processes quickly, compared to other solutions on the market that seem designed exclusively for technologists.

At SERIKAT we have automated the personnel selection process, as a first step in the digitalization of the People Management area, through the AuraQuantic software platform. A decision that responds to the need to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, and facilitate the exchange of information in a simple and secure way, between the different actors involved in the selection of candidates to fill available vacancies in the company.

At SERIKAT we had “a process for selecting personnel that lacked agility and each small change required investment in development, regardless of the division that manages this process on a daily basis.”


Given this situation, the People Management department requested a solution to this problem. One of the first products that the company’s management considered was AuraQuantic. The main reason is that we needed a solution that would allow us to quickly build business processes, leaving aside large custom developments that require months of work.

Furthermore, being partners of AuraQuantic, we wanted to live the experience of implementing the software platform in our organization, we have always done it with clients and we wanted to be on the other side.

The platform implementation project begins with the constitution of a work team made up of different professional profiles. They are in charge of identifying the different tasks and departments involved in the personnel selection process, with the aim of optimizing all those aspects susceptible to improvement, before modeling and implementing them.

Regarding the challenges that the internal team responsible for the project had to overcome, it is worth highlighting the sequencing and automation of all the tasks that made up the selection process. Furthermore, it was necessary to abandon an internal practice that was applied to manage applications and that required the exchange of a large number of emails between the People Management area and those responsible for the respective divisions.

The implementation of this “macro process”, a term used by the team to designate the set of 9 processes and 44 subprocesses that were automated through AuraQuantic, has generated significant benefits at SERIKAT.


  • The elimination of formal communications via email (100%).
  • Reducing the time to locate relevant information (70%)
  • Reduction in response time in the selection of candidates (70%).
  • Greater data security.
  • Increase in the level of transparency of communications and the agility of processes.

In the medium term, we want to address a new phase in the project, that of linking the recruitment process with a series of internal actions, such as the preparation of the pre-contract and the contract, until the employee is onboarded.

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