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Public administrations

METAPOSTA is a free online electronic safe and mailbox to receive and store personal documents with total confidentiality and security. This service lets the user receive and store documents such as public deeds, university qualifications, certificates, payrolls, invoices, deeds, etc. in a single electronic mailbox.

In 2012, METAPOSTA introduces a new service to end the hassle and insecurity of saving documents in different places and that they come from different origins.  METAPOSTA allows the citizen to receive document from different senders in a secure mailbox, meaning that they will always be accessible and organised in a limited storage space.

In 2009, Serikat, working with another company, began to develop this innovative project under the premises of creating an online mailbox to acts as a safe for citizens’ documents and eliminate communications on hardcopy with financial institutions, electricity companies, administration, etc. The aim was to facilitate the distribution of documents between senders and subscribers in a secure and scalable system.


  • Design and construct a system with scalable SOA architecture, that meet the demanding security requirements.
  • System maintenance
  • Monitoring operations
  • Customer support
  • Technology consultancy for developments and integrations with third parties.


  • Since 2012, the general public has had a free service that allows them to access their documents from their computer or smartphone at any time.
  • All the documents managed from a single place, thus preventing the loss or dispersion of important documents.
  • Security and confidentiality guaranteed by the best protocols.
  • People can set up their personal account with folders, tags, alerts, rules, etc. to help classify all the documentation
  • At METAPOSTA, users receive documents from the senders that they choose, without Spam or advertising messages, in a secure manner and ensuring the privacy of communications between the parties.


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