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In order to deliver Smart Health, Serikat connects to the social and health care ecosystem in order to put health and technology to work together, by contributing our knowledge and experience in mass data management, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The health and general care organisations are working with technology companies to find new avenues together to improve people’s wellbeing.Serikat’s approach to this project, characteristic of the Silver Economy, has involved monitoring resident and non-resident older people in real time and to use Artificial Intelligence to anticipate events given certain behaviours, with the ensuing advantages.comportamientos, con las ventajas que ello conlleva.

The project envisaged data capture through sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) and the development of a platform capable of using Artificial Intelligence to administer all the data of the healthcare organisation.


The solution developed by Serikat facilitates the provision of custom remote assistance services at home for dependent and non-dependent people.

The information is collected in a fully automated way from the devices that the resident has and is centralised in a platform that allows it to be monitored and controlled using Machine Learning for custom algorithms.


The growing number of devices connected to Internet is helping to generate key data that help to improve not only people’s health, but also healthcare and pharmaceutical products, and medical services.  A digitally enabled device, for example, can transmit the data from a patient to the doctor’s office to guide the treatment decisions, which a manufacturer can also use that anonymised information to develop new healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

BIND 4.0

The project emerged within the BIND 4.0, advanced industrial entrepreneurship hub in the Basque Country, an initiative aimed at the digital transformation of companies and accelerating innovative initiatives by means of a collaborative model between large corporations and start-ups. In this project, Serikat partnered with the Italian start-up GIPStech to transform the care of residents in the social and healthcare sector.

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