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Legal Services
December 2021

Legal dissemination by means of the anonymous exchange of personal data.

The Judicial Documentation Centre (CENDOJ) is the technical body of the General Council of the Judiciary tasked with the official publication of the jurisprudence, along with the other competences in the sphere of documentation and of knowledge management services. It offers support and information services to the members of the judicial profession, by facilitating their access to any type of document sources used in the carrying out of the judicial activity.

The CENDOJ provides the legal ecosystem with the jurisprudence generated by Spanish courts, while protecting the privacy of the personal data contained in the rulings.

The CENDOJ needs to comply with the Data Protection Act and provide a legal information service, while ensuring maximum speed in publication and the quality of the results. 

Serikat performs an automated anonymisation and cataloguing process, in other words, the data holder is dissociated from the information contained in the rulings. That takes place with full clarity, coherence and consistency.

The results so far are more than 6 million rulings processed, 1,500 a day with over 70 million anonymised pages with an SLA of over 99% success.

Thus, the legal rulings may be published with open access as the legal authority complies with the principle of transparency, fully respecting the privacy of the people, but always ensuring the maximum clarity and understanding of each of the legal rulings.

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Legal Services

What we do in Serikat

We work on digital initiatives with the local, regional and state public sector.

Using innovative technologies and data, we help to transform and modernise the public sector to provide a getter service for the public.


Every day, we safeguard millions of personal data, by automatically anonymising the content of unstructured documents and files, thus guaranteeing the people’s total privacy.


There are large amounts of strategic, economic and personal data in legal settings. That data should be hidden without the shared information losing its value. At Serikat, we automate the privacy of all shared information.

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