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February 2024

We present te use cases on which we are working to apply new quantum technologies in the industry, in this case to solve logistics problems in the automotive industry..


We present innovative solutions to optimize transportation, delivery and storage in the automotive industry using quantum algorithms and classical heuristics.

On February 5, the SKT Labs team at ERHARDT Serikat presented the use cases on which we are working to apply new quantum technologies in the industry, in this case to solve logistics problems in the automotive industry.

During the session, we presented the three challenges we are working on within the framework of our Q4REAL R&D project together with the Tecnalia Technology Center.

Challenge 1. The 3D bin packing.

The first of the challenges involves overcoming the problem of “3D bin packing”, whose ultimate objective is to minimize the number of containers and trucks necessary to transport spare parts and supplies to the factory.

It is about optimizing the transport of pieces of different sizes, weights, fragility… from different origins, in such a way that the algorithm shows us the minimum number of containers to use and how to organize each package inside, guaranteeing the security of the merchandise and the vehicles that transport it.

Challenge 2. Package delivery.

In this case, the objective is to minimize the cost of road delivery to different destinations. The solution decides which trucks to use and, for each truck, what sequence of deliveries to follow and what goods are loaded on it.

All of this taking into account restrictions such as maximum truck capacity, whether the truck fleet can be owned or subcontracted by third parties, priority in deliveries, work hours per driver, etc.

Challenge 3. Warehouse optimization, considering space and preparation time.

In this case we address the optimization of storage space and subsequent handling time in a warehouse. We are working on developing an algorithm that tells us where to store the products that enter the warehouse and, if applicable, that also guides us in the picking of each product that is part of an outbound order.

In this case, the variety of products with which the automotive industry works conditions storage depending on whether the product is stackable, surface area occupied, handling time in the warehouse, etc.

Fragmented logistics chains pose risks, the more links there are in the chain, the more options there are for things to go wrong.

With the application of new quantum technology, speed and reliability in cargo handling are improved which, together with other advances such as cargo tracking and automation, help to have greater control, visibility of the cargo. end-to-end and an improvement in the environmental sustainability of the process.

All of this results in clear benefits for industrial companies, which see the predictability and flexibility of their supply chain improved. For logistics companies, this type of solutions based on quantum technology allows them to obtain a clear competitive advantage, offering a truly integrated cargo handling strategy.

The coming years will bring new challenges and opportunities, at ERHARDT Serikat we are working to offer solutions to the industry, and we do so by resorting to combinatorial optimization, focusing on finding the best solution among many other possible solutions. The best solution is one that maximizes or minimizes a mathematical function that we have previously defined. To do this, we resort to the use of quantum algorithms and classical heuristic algorithms, specifically genetic algorithms.

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