How the IT hotline service can be improved within the productive process.


March 2022

GUASAPP (Saica On-Call Console) has a unique and integrated approach to manage dealing with IT incidents in all Saica productive centres worldwide.

Saica provides sustainable solutions to manufacture recycle paper, corrugated cardboard and flexible packaging, along with managing and recovering waste.

The company is experiencing strong growth, with the resulting increase in the number and diversity of IT incidents. A system is required that provides the organisation with flexible and efficient assistance that is specialised by sections in the manufacturing process.

A parameterizable alert system for better oversight of the productive critical system was developed.Furthermore, it provided an essential knowledge base for the prediction, attention and improvement of the IT assistance service.

The project was embodied in a single system in a Web and APP environment that logs and tracks incidents, detects problems early, allows equipment and components to be accessed remotely, manages action plans and monitors the critical infrastructures of the activity.

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