Showcasing the supply chain in the port community.


March 2022

The huge pressure on supply chains requires a streamlined and connected port community. E-PUERTOBILBAO is the e-administration system that covers all the port processes.

The Port of Bilbao on the Bay of Biscay has over 700 years of history and excellent connections with 800 ports around the world, mainly in The Americas and northern Europe.

It operates any type of freight and any type of vessels 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a sphere of influence that includes mainland Spain and Portugal and southern France.

Complexity of the port ecosystem

Four hundred companies and over 1000 end users of highly specialised segments such as shipping companies, agents, stevedores, stockists and freight forwarders, along with the different entities of the Public Administrations, operate in the logistics ecosystem of the Port of Bilbao.

The complexity of the different processes and the high number of people involved meant that an electronic port administration system, E-PUERTOBILBAO, needed to be developed. It had to be able to integrate the critical processes for each of the operations: Customs permits for loading on the vessel/leaving the port, transport coordination, inspections, etc.


After assessing the baseline situation, the objectives were to:

  • Make the formalities paperless
  • Streamline the sharing of information
  • Integrate all the participating agents
  • Standardise the processes.
  • Reuse information in new operations.

What we did

Serikat designed and developed:

  • The FrontEnd Web that allows the assisted integration of information, along with the system monitoring and traceability tools
  • The BackEnd for unassisted integration: EDI, xml, Webservices, flatfile, etc.
  • The process flows BackEnd

The results

  • 4 million inbound messages processed a year
  • 6 million workflows executed a year
  • 8 million outbound messages generated a year
  • 1,000 users and 400 companies

The E-PUERTOBILBAO platform of Bilbao Port Authority (APB) is the driving force for the optimum competitive positioning of the companies taking part in the Bilbao maritime-port business.

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